NEW RATES as of APRIL 2018

Revised Rates:
ü Proofreading
RM25-38 per 1000 words
ü Copy-editing
         (editing & proofreading)
RM35-50 per 1000 words
ü Translation
RM100-300 per 1000 words
ü Writing
RM300-500 per 1000 words

v Rush jobs are acceptable but subject to an urgent fee of 40% to 100% of the quoted price.
v As of April 2018, our paraphrasing service has been discontinued.


Revised Rates

RM25-38 per 1000 words
(editing & proofreading)
RM35-50 per 1000 words
RM100-300 per 1000 words
RM300-500 per 1000 words

*Note: These services are for non-academic text only

Work Process:

50% Deposit
Once the client agrees to our quote, he/she is to pay the deposit (normally half of the quoted amount) to seal the deal and for work to commence.
Upon completion of work, the client will be invoiced for the balance of payment due.
Completed Work
The completed document will only be released to the client after full payment is received.
Feedbacks & Revision
Once the completed document is returned to the client, he/she should go through it carefully and get back to us with any revisions no longer than 2 weeks after the date of return. No additional charge is imposed if revision on the document was on the copy originally edited with no further intervention made yet from the client’s side.


Proofreading: Correcting superficial flaws such as spelling, minor grammatical errors, and punctuation.

Copyediting: Restructuring of sentences to improve clarity and rectifying inconsistent usage of terms to eliminate awkward phrases and poorly worded/phrased sentences.

Note: If the client had requested for a proofreading service package but the proofreader happened to provide a service that is beyond proofreading then that is a bonus to the client. Our proofreading package does not include copyediting.  The client must specifically request for our copyediting service package for a 2-in-1 editing and proofreading service.